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Join me for this fabulous weekend journey designed especially for the busy woman!

On this special weekend,


bringing focus to the myriad of transitions going on in your life Right Now.

We know you’re a busy person. We understand the feelings of being overwhelmed and maxed out. That’s why we’re sharing our power-packed content over TWO HALF-DAYS. You’ll get TEN presentations loaded with helpful information and untold benefits.

Key benefits for joining us for this inspiring weekend:

  • A mental break – for precious you
  • Greater peace of mind
  • More camaraderie
  • Invigorating energy
  • A joyful heart
  • Increased clarity
  • New ways to think about tired concerns
  • and so much more!

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Here’s the program line-up:

Saturday – October 14th

  • Managing a Purpose-Driven Life
    • What is Life Purpose?
    • Why is it important?
    • How to apply it in your daily living
  • Revitalize Your Dash: Reset, Redesign & Rejuvenate Your Life
    • Understand how you become “stuck” in life and how a little known program can help loosen that glue
    • Learn how your wisdom and unconscious are prepared to help you succeed
    • The benefits of using the Mental Bank strategies to help propel you toward your life goals and aspirations
  • Building Your Circle of Influence
    • Feeling stuck? Learn how to change your environment to make room for growth.
    • Distinguish the difference between problems and challenges.
    • An eye-opening exercise to trust in your values as you make intentional decisions about who to let into your trusted circle of influence
  • Experience the Benefits of Laughter Yoga
    • It’s a scientific – and medical fact – that laughter brings great healing into your physical and mental well-being. You will gain more energy and levity when you join in this fun presentation!
  • Money Talks – Why Women Must Get in the Conversation Now!
    • The statistics are staggering – and disturbing. Find out why women MUST get involved in the Money Conversation!
    • Understanding your own beliefs and fears about money
    • Changing your Money Set Point
    • Learn 6 strategies to adapt a Wealthy Mindset
    • Steps to bring positive change to future generations as they begin their journey to financial wellness.

PLUS! A basket full of Day 1 Bonuses!

Sunday – October 15th

  • The Undo List that Precedes your Actions
    • Over burdened with a growing list of “to-do’s”?
    • Strategies to “undo” things that are no longer productive or time efficient
    • Moving from good intentions to actions
  • Balance and Vision
    • Is “Life Balance” a myth?
    • Strategies for keeping it all going – and keeping your sanity!
    • How your visions for your future help in your day to day decisions
  • Sandwiched In?
    • You’re not alone!
    • The importance of taking care of YOU
    • Strategies for living with kids AND your parents
  • Conversations with Self and Others – Words Matter
    • Self talk can make or break you
    • 3 levels of conversation and how they affect you
    • Learn how to talk so you and others will listen & transform
  • Dancing the Rainbow of Life: Awakening Your Chakras
    • Learn more about the healing centers in your body
    • Experience the awakening of your primary chakra

PLUS! A 2nd basket full of Day 2 Bonuses!


REGISTER NOW and receive these FREE GIFTS ($677.00 Value) as our Thank You for Registering PLUS! You’re automatically given access to the 2-day summit replay!

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Registration Bonus #1
FREE Laughter Session!
$25.00 Value

Participate in our Summit & you’ll gain a new appreciation for laughter!  Mary’s laughter sessions have brought healthier living and more joy into thousands of lives.  And you’ll get a front-row seat at one of her next events (while seated in the comfort of your own home!)

Bonus #2
FREE Report: 20 Ways to More Laughter!
Value: Priceless!

Mary is including – just for you – her newest bonus report, “20 Ways to Bring More Laughter into Your Life.”

Registration Bonus #3
FREE Circle of Influence Session
$150.00 Value

Join in Barbara’s next scheduled “Circle of Influence” online workshop – no charge to you!  You’ll get her expert guidance in figuring out ways to move negative people out of your circle, and how to intentionally move forward thinking people in.

Registration Bonus #4
FREE Coaching Session with Coach Barbara Britt
$100.00 Value

This FREE offer is available to the first 10 attendees who choose to apply for one coaching hour with Barbara.  Upon registration, you’ll receive instructions for scheduling your appointment with her.

Registration Bonus #5
Wheel of Life Coaching Session
$150.00 Value

Schedule your 30-min coaching session with Desley and learn how to apply this helpful tool, “Wheel of Life,” in your life right now.  You’ll learn more about using this tool during her presentation.

Bonus #6
Self-Care Check-in Coaching Session
$150.00 Value

A FREE 30-minute coaching session with Desley. This helpful tool from Desley, “Self-Care Check-In,” will bring you interesting insights into different areas of your life.

Registration Bonus #7
20-Minute Guided Meditation
$27.00 Value

FREE access to Judith’s , 20-minute, guided visualization, “Release Resistance.” Through the power of this gentle guided visualization you will release yourself from old, limiting beliefs and embark on a new way of embracing a fulfilling future.

Registration Bonus #8
FREE Access to “Finding Your Genius”
$25.00 Value

Darlene’s Wednesday Wisdom archives are restricted to her Wednesday Wisdom subscribers and her Mastermind Groups.  Summit attendees will be given access to one of her recent Wednesday Wisdom replays, “Finding Your Genius.” 

Registration Bonus #9
50 Presents to Give Yourself
Value: Priceless!

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?! Darlene is sharing her sought-after list of “50 Presents to Give Yourself,” a great way to start taking better care of yourself. 

Registration Bonus #10
FREE Module “Reflections”
$50.00 Value

The year is nearly over . . . sign up for this FREE module of “Reflections,” Darlene’s 3-part series that many of her clients have used to reflect on their year. Thoughtful questions to help you recognize the successes and positive gains you’ve experienced in this year.

Your Presenters


Donegal, IRELAND



Mary is a Life and Laughter Coach, living in bliss on the North West Coast of Ireland amongst her family and friends.  She is a wife and mother of three adult free spirits. She has six grandchildren with the hope of more to come. Mary is a spiritually enlightened teacher and is the embodiment of love and compassion.

An international presenter, she has offered Life and Laughter coaching for more than 20 years. She is a certified Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner, Light Worker and Truth Seeker. She has supported hundreds of people to reduce their weight, stop smoking, building self-confidence and overcoming fears and phobias.

She also works with people suffering from PTSD as a result of sexual abuse, physical abuse, sudden death and serious illness.

Mary is the founder of a simple healing system, the “Lotus Heart Awakening.” She believes the body has the ability to heal from within. She teaches a simple way of awakening those healing powers.

She continues to share her knowledge through her many workshops and one-on-one programs.

You will want to experience the healing power of laughter during her Laughter Yoga session with us.  And be sure to participate in her “Dancing the Rainbow,” chakra awakening session on Day Two.

Her websites:      www.maryanandashakti.com   www.laughteryogaireland.org
Contact her:       maryanandashakti@gmail.com


Ottawa, CANADA



Judith is a Sub Conscious Behaviorist and Mid-Life Transitions Coach for women 50 and older who are seeking to rekindle their relationship with the “woman from within” whom they have always longed to reveal to the world. After living life playing many roles, Judith’s unique and caring guidance helps women grant themselves permission to transform from a woman who has shared herself with others and is now ready to begin living from their inner vision, desires and personal truth and step boldly into their Age of Transformation.

With Judith’s guidance, women are discovering a new way to give back to themselves and embody the generosity of spirit they have always given away to others first, and now are giving themselves permission to embrace life and take themselves from Stuck to Soaring with Love!

Her website: www.GuidanceFromWithinCoaching.com
Contact her: witevent@GuidanceFromWithinCoaching.com

Florida, USA



Barbara is a member of John C. Maxwell’s international speaking, training and coaching team.  As an executive coach to management teams and entrepreneurs, and a life coach to individuals, Barbara helps redefine her client’s purpose, vision and goals.

Barbara is instrumental in developing The Total Woman. Empowering Mentoring is the tool that she uses to conduct webinars and Masterminds, enabling the women she coaches to encompass their strengths into roadmaps for their personal and professional growth.  She walks beside you using her mentoring and coaching skills to help you develop your individual journey.

Using the techniques you will learn from Building Your Circle of Influence will enable you to design the life you were created to lead.

Then follow that up with removing road blocks from your life with the Undo List that will launch your action steps, freeing you from fears that you are not enough.

Her website:       http://barbarabritt.com
Contact her:        barbarajbritt@gmail.com

Florida, USA



Desley Parker, Professional Certified Life Coach, brings to the Women In Transition webinar her vast experience as a retired Naval Officer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader, Wife and Mother .

Desley will provide you with the tools to Discover your unique Life Purpose, a primary tool for you as you traverse life’s transitions. Desley will challenge you to reflect on the various areas of your life and develop a Vision Statements that will guide help you design your Ideal Life.

Overwhelmed with everyday stuff? Not enough time to get it all done? Desley will provide you with the tool to define Your Ideal Week. Desley understands life transitions; she looks forward to helping you make your transitions in a healthy, focused, and balanced manner.

Her website:  www.SuccessWithDesley.com
Contact her: Successwithdesley@gmail.com

Florida, USA



Darlene Dean certified as a life coach in 2006. She brings a creative, entrepreneurial mindset into her coaching conversations and approaches challenges with vitality and a sense of fun. Her decades of business ownership as well as the corporate environment provide the backdrop as clients gain more focus and discover what’s important in their life, their career, their business.

Whether it is working with hiring managers or new business startups, or with individuals in life and career transitions, she will help you break through the barriers, find your stride and get you going!

Typical results from her clients include: discovering Life Purpose and weaving it into their daily living, finding more balance, breaking through limiting beliefs, and realizing more joy. Through her guidance, you will be encouraged to stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible.

In her presentation, “Money Talks,” she will widen your perspectives and perceptions about Money and why women need to be in the conversation. You hold the key to future generations and their beliefs and attitudes about money.

Are you “Sandwiched in?” Maybe the kids and grandkids are moving in and you’re also providing support to aging parents. It isn’t quite what you pictured for your retirement dream. Yet you handle it with love and grace. Darlene will offer some tips and guidelines to help you balance it all.

She is a seasoned workshop presenter, regionally and nationally, with numerous awards. Voted Woman of the Year in 2001 by her local American Business Women’s Association, Darlene is passionate about mentoring and supporting women in their life’s journey.

Her book, “In This Moment,” is due out in the Fall of 2017.

Her website: www.CoachForResults.com
Contact her: Info@CoachForResults.com

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