Sarah hired Desley as a Career Coach in 2008

I had read good things about life coaches in various magazines, and originally contacted Desley with focus on my new solo-preneurship in mind. However, in our very first meeting, I soon realized that her "whole-life" focus could yield substantial dividends in every area of my life...in fact, would give me tools to break down the whole confusing and demanding morass into balanced areas that I could address both individually and in concert. This balanced approach helped me remedy important deficiencies that were affecting my happiness, and the structure helped me make difficult decisions that vastly increased my effectiveness in all life areas. Finally, her insistence on imagination helped me learn to set really big goals, which will help me live up to my potential. I feel blessed to have discovered Desley, and am grateful to her attitude that "she is there for her clients" - more than once I was able to talk to her off-schedule when I really needed it. I'm taking a break now, to work on fully applying what I learned in my first series of coaching sessions, but I will be back at the next bend in my path, for a welcome change in perspective and wider experience of life.


Leadership Development Expert and Training and Program Leader, E.L. Smith Consulting

Want to ramp up your personal or professional effectiveness? Work with Desley! I love how she combines her military experience with her coaching skills to be encouraging, yet focused. Need a little motivation? Desley can speak to your group or coach you to move forward purposefully in your life and career.


Jeniffer hired Desley as a Career Coach in 2010

Working with Desley has allowed me to put order into the direction of my life goals. Her whole life balance allows you to figure out for yourself what is the most important to you. My work with Desley is not complete, but I feel confident that when I have finished my journey with her that I will have the tools to guide me through all those questions that come up in our lives that can sometimes trip us up. I highly recommend Desley if you are in search of balance for your life.


Insight Systems Consulting

I first met Desley at a weeklong meeting of a mutual professional organization, Success Unlimited Network. I quickly saw her as an extremely intelligent, insightful, and fun-loving person. When I heard how she had been building her coaching practice, I was impressed with her ingenuity and sense of adventure. I also have had the opportunity to experience Desley's professional skills in the context of professional development efforts and know that her clients are in excellent hands. (As a Master Certified Coach, one of my responsibilities is to evaluate coaches.) Of her many attributes, I think her trustworthy professionalism is key in the coaching field where people invite you to help them create the life and future they want. Desley is, bottom line, a winner!

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