Networking follow up.

Networking plus follow up letter

Networking Event Follow Up Email

Subject Line: Nice Meeting You At The Social Media Marketing Conference

Hi John,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the Chamber of commerce business after hours. I remember you said that your company is struggling to get started with social media. I thought you would find this article helpful: “How Any Company Can Get Started With Social Media.”

The company you work for is fascinating and I would like to learn a little more about the role you play at the company. There is a great coffee shop right by your office. Would you be able to break away for 15-20 minutes this Thursday at 2:00 PM? If not, I am also free all day Friday.

Have a wonderful day,

Notice I didn’t say:

“My company specializes in helping companies get started with social media.”
“Please find attached a PowerPoint presentation that shows how my company can get your company up and running on social media.”
“I would love to meet with you and your boss and talk about how my company can increase your social media presence.”
The key to a follow up email after a networking event is not to make it about making a sale. You also need to make sure to stay in touch with your professional network as it grows.

You want to build a relationship with the prospect before you ever start talking about doing business together.
By sending a helpful article you are gaining that persons trust and you don’t have a sketchy motive.
Not following up after a networking event will guarantee that you will not get what you want.