Develop Your Passion: Delegate Your “Shoulds”

Develop Your PassionThe New Year… a time of hope and promise, a time for reflection. Each January presents us with a new calendar-mostly blank, on which we can create the next year of our lives. What do you want in 2013?

One way to determine what it is that want, is to study the year 2012. What worked for you? What made you excited? What made you smile? What did you do well? When you have those answers, you also have the formula for your future success.

I recently heard a story about a rabbit and a fish. The rabbit was the best hopper in the forest; won every race. His all-knowing, all-wise sponsor insisted that the rabbit learn to swim-to become the best swimmer in the land. As he was struggling, on the verge of drowning he pleaded with his sponsor. “Why must I learn to swim… I am the best hopper in the land! That is my talent: that is my passion.” The all-knowing, all-wise sponsor simply stated, “Well you already know how to hop, I think you should swim.” Frustration and exhaustion overtook the rabbit. He learned to swim in order to survive, but he lost his joy and could barely remember how to hop.

The fish, the fastest fish in the stream was told by his all-knowing; all-wise sponsor that he should learn to hop. I think you can figure out what happened to the fish!

Examine your talents, gifts and passions. Develop them with abandon. Recognize the “shoulds” in your life and whenever possible delegate them to those who possess those talents and gifts. This concept is as appropriate in your career as it is in your personal life. My passion is coaching others, helping them develop their passions and lives; but I am a really lousy book keeper. I coach (my passion) and I delegate my bookkeeping (my should/must).

My challenge to you is to examine your life, both personally and professionally. Where do you your passions lie? What brings joy to you? Those are your strengths—develop them with abandon; delegate or dump your “shoulds” whenever possible.

We are all given unique skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses. Within those skills and talents lies our unique contribution to the whole. There are those who love to coach and those who love to book keep.

Become the master of your fate-if you’re a rabbit: hop. If you’re a fish: swim!

Desley Parker

Certified Success Coach

Success Unlimited Network®