Change Happens

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” JF Kennedy.

Each one of us has to face change, sometimes on a daily basis. Relationships, that we thought were once perfect, can deteriorate. Beautiful children grow into willful teenagers. We walk into work one day, and that job we always loved, is no longer there. Change is inevitable. We can fight the change or we can embrace the change. I challenge each of you to examine your life, note the changes, cooperate with them and learn. Jack Canfield in his book “The Success Principles” provides us a formula for approaching change: E + R=O E, is the inevitable change that is going to happen (Children are going to grow up and leave home. They have been such a focal point in my life. ) R represents the response that we have to the change, (“I have provided my children with the tools they need to be successful. I will celebrate their successes. I will relish the extra time I have in my day by doing something special for myself…new hobby, exercising, etc. Think I’ll go to the gym today!”) How I choose to respond to the inevitable situation determines the O or the Outcome. The O or Outcome is totally dependent upon my response. I can accept the fact that they are going to grow up and I can relish in the newfound time and freedom or I can focus on missing them. One will uplift me; the other de-energizes me and brings me down. I can control how I choose to face this fact of life. My challenge to you is to reflect on the various changes you have already transitioned. What was the result when you resisted the change? What was the result when you surrendered to the change? Did your life actually get easier…did you have more energy? To help embrace change, ask yourself the following questions: (There are more in Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles.” What’s changing in my life that I am resisting? Why am I resisting that change? Why am I afraid of with respect to that change? What benefits might there be in this change? What would I have to do to cooperate with this change? What’s the next step I could take to cooperate with this change? When will I take it?

Change will happen. How will you respond?